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Lisbon is stunning, it really is. I know a lot of European cities are good, but Lisbon really has something else. Not only is it hipser heaven (honestly the people are so fashionable and there are plenty of very trendy places to go), but the architecture of the town is stunning.  There was an earthquake in 17something or other that levelled half of Lisbon, during the rebuild they opted for a grid system in the new-town, as opposed to the old fashioned ‘spaghetti streets’ that feature in the old part of town, Alfama.

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Japan – ‘Do I need a Japanese Rail Pass?’ & Other Things You Should Know

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Japan is a wonderful country, but there are a few things you need to be prepared about.

I think one of the biggest worries of ours before going was the issue surrounding travel, do we buy a two-week rail pass for the two weeks, or do we risk paying for expensive travel before we get there?

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