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Gavin Explores - South Africa (Part 3)

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Garden Route

The Garden Route is a well-travelled area of South Africa, it’s the stretch of land, or mainly the roads on the land, between Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay. The route itself is filled with lovely historic and touristy towns, so even though the drive from CT to PB can be done in a day, people tend to take a few days to drive from town to town and stay over in the hundreds of B&Bs along the way.

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Gavin Explores - South Africa (Part 2)

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After our little jaunt at the Vredenburg Manor House and the surrounding areas, we headed two hours from Cape Town up the Western Cape near to a place called Shelley Point, just off St Helena Bay. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect here, we were still with Andrew’s parents (his South African dad and Kiwi Mother) and their South African friends (who are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary but are like a pair of giggling loved-up teens), and we were staying in an amazing beachside house, next to a lighthouse. The only point on the agenda for the few days at Shelley Point was ‘RELAX’, something that all of us, especially the South African couple, who had hosted Christmas and New Years for 43 family members. FORTY THREE(!!!!!!).

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